CDS-kwadratWorld famous glass production heritage of Krosno has finally been honoured with a proper place that keeps abreast of the times! Owing to the achievements of contemporary museology and modern technology, not only does Glass Heritage Centre present the history of Krosno glass known for decades both in Poland and worldwide, but it also creates it.


The biggest attraction in the Centre are glassblowing and glass decoration shows in which visitors can take active part. In the threshold cellars and temporary exhibitions hall you can see exhibitions presenting artistic, decorative glass, created by the greatest Polish artists, as well as wonderful examples of the highest artistry of utility design in glass industry.

Tourists can also participate in fine arts education classes aimed at developing creativity, take advantage of the many cultural and entertainment events or visit the shop offering hand-made souvenirs.

Full information about Glass Heritage Centre, visiting hours, programs for individual visitors, companies and school groups can be found on the official website of Glass Heritage Centre.